LWho We AreL

How does one approach and appreciate a book? A title catches our eye; a beloved author we anxiously await to rediscover publishes anew; the pursuit of favored subject matter continues - a chance encounter on a random bookshelf perhaps. A book is a gift, a librarian’s thankful persuasion, a friend’s fervent recommendation. There are a thousand ways for a book to come into existence and for it to not disappear.

And there exists too the aesthetic appreciation of those works and those words. The appreciation of a book as an object -beloved, beautiful and revered.

The collection of these objects, these volumes, these works necessitates the composition -the creation- of a menagerie of titles. In a word: a library. What began with a word in a book becomes a carefully curated selection of thoughts and passions placed side by side -binding to binding.

No two libraries, no two collection of books are identical. They are all separate and distinct universes onto themselves -reflections of the mind that creates them.

We are Parisian booksellers specializing in used and antiquarian books. We have been exploring our passion for curating collections and finding rare and beautiful titles for over fifteen years. Whether you are starting a collection or complimenting your existing library we look forward to assisting you in this delicate endeavor.